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Chewable Vita-C® 100 mg 300 ct.
Retail Price (SRP): $27.45

Chewable Vita-C® 100 mg 300 ct.

Retail Price (SRP): $27.45
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Help Your Body Fight the Good Fight

A healthy immune system is your body's most powerful weapon in its daily battle against smog, smoke, and other environmental assaults.  Our chewable Vita-C has a fresh citrus flavor making it ideal for anyone who has trouble swallowing tablets.

Item #20096 PV: 17.95
Size: 300 Tablets

Each tablet of Chewable Vita-C® delivers 100 mg of Vitamin C and enhances immune function by:

  • Supporting the body's natural antioxidant defenses
  • Helping maintain cell integrity
  • Promoting healthy eyes, teeth, gums, bones, muscles, and blood vessels

1 tablet daily

Better Together
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